Monetizing Websites

Earnings on auto pilot
Set your revenue on auto-pilot. To focus on the finer things in life.

Your website can make money without adding ads. Data exhaust produced as a by-product of visitors can be resold. We make that happen.

Exapik works with buyers in advertising, market research and identity management to monetize your web traffic. Simply include one line of code on your website, and we take care of collecting impressions and clicks, anonymizing it, and distributing it through our platform to interested buyers.

Once data is distributed, we send you a payment at the end of the quarter with no additional work on your part. Simple!

Passive revenue from anonymous data.

As a data provider, you can earn passive, recurring revenue by selling anonymous characteristics about users (targeting data). This data helps advertisers, who are willing to pay a premium to use targeting data, optimize ad campaigns and achieve a higher ROI on their advertising spend.


Monetize without advertising.

Any time a user provides information, either in the form of declared data through a survey or sign-up process, or inferred through user actions or clicks, presents an opportunity to collect anonymous targeting data for that user.



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Diversify your income.

For companies that serve ads on their sites, selling targeting data can increase the ad revenue from remnant inventory sales, on top of the revenue earned from data sales.


Supercharge your ad revenue.

By selling targeting data, you give the programmatic advertising market the tools needed to properly value your remnant media. Advertisers then compete in real-time bidding auctions to purchase your ad space, increasing the value of the ad revenue. At the same time, you earn money for the sale of targeting data. Using the Exapik Monetizing Platform, you see an increase in the value of these remnant media  sales.



Earn without ads

Monetize your site without ads

Increase ad revenue

Increase the monthly earnings from remnant media ad sales.

New opportunities

Take advantage of new revenue opportunities exclusively from the Exapik Monetization Platform
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Implement fast

Implement and start collecting in 30 minutes

Passive Income

Ongoing collection with no ongoing effort required.

Recurring Revenue

Earn revenue each time your data is used