Case study

Murray Galbraith

Partnering with Exapik has given us a competitive edge in marketing our analytics, and diversified our income streams.

Murray Galbraith

Partnering with Exapik results in

  • New diversified revenue streams
  • Acquisition of new, larger clients


Youneeq is a disruptive SaaS company that uses machine learning to monitor, analyze and predict user behavior in real time. Youneeq’s analytics solution provides internet publishers with behavioral targeting and analytic tools that predict what a user is most likely to read next.

The technology behind Youneeq’s solution is a website widget that predicts viewing interests and provides users with personalized content recommendations. By delivering users a personalized browsing experience, users click on more content and spend more time on site, resulting in publishers receiving increased ad revenues.


Youneeq surveyed the field of potential partners, but was left unsatisfied at the lack of transparency and opportunities to increase its own data capabilities through shared data strategy.


Youneeq partnered with Exapik in order to disseminate its user personalization signals, and take advantage of Exapik’s expertise in data strategy., allowing Youneeq to focus on its core business.

Youneeq leveraged Exapik’s Data Monetization Platform to syndicate its user data to Exapik’s data buyer ecosystem. With a single line of JavaScript code, Youneeq was able to seamlessly integrate the solution, spread across hundreds of domains, and connect it to Exapik’s sytems with zero downtime or service disruption.

Millions of rows of data flow from Youneeq into Exapik’s industry data pools, and continues to grow as Youneeq adds additional domains. Exapik receives the data in real-time, and is instantly made available across the Data Monetization Platform to data buyers.


The integration has enabled Youneeq to expand outside of the online news segment, and has acquired new business as a direct result of the data capabilities provided by Exapik.

As Exapik has added new data capabilities to its Data Monetization Platform, Youneeq has benefited by bringing these new opportunities back to its existing clients, providing an even greater earning potential and expanding Youneeq’s customer base.

Youneeq has also seen received new business inquiries as a result of its exposure from the Data Monetization Platform.