Case study

Digital Agency
Mat Bennett

Working with Exapik has shown us the revenue opportunities we were missing out on, which we are now taking advantage of. We missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue by not working with Exapik sooner.

Mat Bennett
Managing Director

Partnering with Exapik results in:

  • New diversified revenue streams
  • Able to change business model to be more competitive
  • Signing new, bigger client


Oko is a digital agency that partners with ad-supported websites to increase their earnings. Globally recognised for their expertise in website Monetization, and Google’s first UK AdSense partner, Oko offers a comprehensive suite of services that increase the demand for, and performance of, advertising on publisher’s websites. Through their expertise and experience, they are able to increase ad earnings of high trafficked websites.


Keen to extend their advantage in an ever more competitive market, Oko were looking for new ways to bring value and improve results for their clients. Mat Bennet, Managing Director at Oko, felt that there was a way of differentiating Oko’s offering by making better use of the data they collect on behalf of their clients, but needed expertise to navigate how to accomplish this.


Oko reached out to Exapik to better understand the scope of the data opportunity they had. After a thorough analysis of the data available, Exapik educated Oko staff on:


  • How to take advantage of money being left on the table,
  • Helped them navigate privacy concerns of exposing data,
  • Armed them with compelling sales tools to acquire new clients for the data service
  • Gave them competitive edge in offering something their competitors don’t

Oko deployed the Exapik Monetization Platform with a few lines of code added to their publisher websites.


With the first connection to the Exapik Monetization Platform, Oko and its clients saw increase in their monthly earnings from new data revenue, with no new costs.

Oko was able to start monetizing hundreds of thousands of data points that had previously been under-utilized, and Oko gained new set of sales tools they could use to acquire new clients.